Nail Care

The Nail Spa Statement

The Nail Spa endeavors to set the highest standards in pedicures, nail health, quality products, sanitation, and exemplary client care. To soothe their Spirits we immerse our patrons in relaxing elegantly appointed and memorable atmosphere.


Nail Extensions Touch-ups
  Full Set Fill
Odorless Acrylic $25 $17
Gel $40 $30
Solar Pink/White $40 $30
Sculpture $30  
White Tip $27  
Color Tip $30  
Tip Removal $10  
Polish Change $6 - $8  
Toe Polish Change $8 - $10  
Nail Repair $3 & up  
French - American $5  
Manicure and Pedicure $38  
Silk Wrap Full Set $40  
Fill $30  
3 Color New Set $45  
Fill $35  


  • UV3 Technogogy
    • On Like Polish
    • Wears Like Gel
    • Off In Minutes (Really!)
      Patent Pending


Shellac French Manicure $35
Shellac Color Manicure $30
SNS Dip Set $35
SNS Dip French $40
Hand Treats

Let us help you maintain the youthful appearance of your hand. As we know they are the first to show our true age. the skin on our hand is extremely thin and not caring for them properly can permanently damage them. We know just how to fix them.

nail care

Our Location

1001 NE Green Oaks Blvd #131
Arlington, TX 76006

(817) 795-6666

Business Hours

Mon - Fri: 9:30am - 7:30pm
Saturday: 9am - 7pm
Sunday: 11am - 5pm